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The Saturday Duffle Bag | Digital PDF Sewing Pattern


About the Duffle Bag Pattern

The Saturday Duffle bag sewing pattern is a pattern for a round, lined zippered duffle bag. It features an optional exterior pocket and a detachable shoulder strap. The pattern includes instructions to create the bag in 3 different sizes. 

Skill Level:
Advanced Beginner to Intermediate

Approximate Dimensions:

Small Bag:  14" long by 7" deep

Medium Bag: 16" long by 9" deep

Large Bag: 19" long by 11" deep

Supplies Required

Bag Outside Fabric

Small: 3/4 Yard

Medium: 1 Yard

Large: 1 Yard

Bag Lining Fabric

Small: 3/4 Yard

Medium: 1 Yard

Large: 1 Yard

Pocket Fabric

Small: 1/4 Yard

Medium: 1/2 Yard

Large: 1/2 Yard

Fabric for Bias Strips:

1/2 Yard or 1 Fat Quarter of Fabric

Flex Foam Interfacing - 20” wide interfacing

Small: 1 Yard

Medium: 1 1/4 Yard

Large: 2 Yards

Shape Flex Interfacing - 20” wide interfacing

Small: 1 Yard

Medium: 1 Yard

Large: 1 1/2 Yards

Cotton Webbing:

I recommend using between 1” - 2” wide webbing

Small: 2 1/2 Yards

Medium: 3 Yards

Large: 3 1/2 Yards

Optional Trim: If you’d like to add decorative trim to your cotton webbing, purchase the same amount of trim as your webbing.


Small: 12” Zipper

Medium: 14” Zipper

Large: 18” Zipper

For Optional Shoulder Strap:

Additional 2 Yards of Webbing

2 Swivel hooks - width of the hook should be close to the width of the canvas webbing you are using.

2 small D or O rings


1” wide Bias Tape Maker

Fabric Safe Marking Pen

Fray Check

Large Binding Clips

Glue Stick

Tissue Paper or Non-Fusible Interfacing to trace the pattern pieces for the bag


Pattern Delivery

The pattern is in Adobe Acrobat format and includes full-color photos, illustrations, and step-by-step instructions, and pattern pieces. 

 After you complete your purchase you will automatically be emailed a link to download your pattern.

This is a PDF pattern and there is NO SHIPPING COST and nothing will be mailed to you. This is a PRINT AT HOME PATTERN