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Gingham Daydream Quilt | Printed Pattern


About the Pattern

Our very popular Gingham Daydream Quilt pattern has been updated to include 5 different quilt sizes in the pattern.

This scrappy gingham quilt is easy to piece and a great way to use up some of your fabric scraps. 

Pattern instructions are in black and white. 


Special Features: 

* The pattern features a "fast piece" method that will have you completing the quilt in no time.

* The pattern features layouts for quilts in five sizes

Crib Quilt: 42" x 51"

Lap Quilt: 51” x 68”

Twin XL Quilt: 68" x 93"

Queen Quilt: 85" x 93"

King Quilt: 102" x 102”

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner

Supplies Required

To make this quilt you will need 3 different “tones” of fabric. Light (or white), Mid & Dark. The prints within those tones can be varied.

For Crib Quilt: 42” x 51”
Light/White Fabric: 3/4 Yards

Mid Fabric: 1 1/2 Yards

Dark Fabric: 3/4 Yards

Backing: 3 1/2 Yards

Binding: 1/2 Yard


For Lap Quilt: 51”x 68”

Light/White Fabric: 1 Yard

Mid Fabric: 2 Yards

Dark Fabric: 1 Yard

Backing: 3 1/2 Yards

Binding: 3/4 Yard


Twin XL Quilt: 68” x 93”

Light/White Fabric: 2 Yards

Mid Fabric: 4 Yards

Dark Fabric: 2 yards

Backing: 5 1/2 Yards

Binding: 3/4 Yard


Queen Quilt: 85” x 93”

Light/White Fabric: 2 1/2 Yards

Mid Fabric: 5 yards

Dark Fabric: 2/12 Yards

Backing: 8 1/2 Yards

Binding: 1 Yard


King Quilt: 102” x 102”

Light/White Fabric: 3 Yards

Mid Fabric: 6 Yards

Dark Fabric: 3 Yards

Backing: 9 Yards

Binding: 1 Yard

TIP: For the Queen and King size quilts, purchase wide back fabric for the quilt backs to save yardage. Other Supplies: Fabric Safe Pen Basic Quilting Supplies 9 1/2” Ruler (recommended)

Pattern Delivery

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